Weighing On Me

So these are some of the first film photos I took and some of the few that I wanted to convey a message, rather than being merely aesthetically pleasing. Although I personally do not struggle with body dissatisfaction, I have known people for whom it is a problem. Some people can become very focused on their physical appearance, and it ends up being tied up with their sense of self worth. Not that wanting to look nice is a problem, not at all. But some girls become so preoccupied with how they think they should look, and all the ways that they do not measure up to their ideal, that they are blinded to their true beauty and worth. Not only are they fine physically, but they have so much more to offer in areas such as intelligence, creativity, empathy, compassion, and any other skills or positive attributes that they posses. Rather than seeing all the things that make them great, and strong, and lovely, they focus on the things that don’t measure up to an ideal they have in their heads, or that they have gleaned from the media, and that for me is incredibly sad. So I guess I took these photos for those people in my life who are beautiful and can’t see it, and despite being some of my earliest photos, they are still some of my favorites.